Weekly Workout Challenge #4

So we’re are on the Weekly Workout Challenge #4 and I feel that a handful of members have been at least giving the challenges thought if not actually doing them. So lets keep it rolling!

Grab a timer, stopwatch or whatever device you have that records time and lets do this!

Plain and simple:

Workout Challenge #4:

Max Plank hold for time!


This can be performed anywhere but lets keep strict standards!

  • One straight line from the heels up to the shoulders must be maintained.
  • No resting with the hips in the air
  • No sagging hips
  • Body must remain in complete postural alignment
  • You MAY shift arms or feet  if needed but again the hips/back CAN NOT move up or down!
  • As soon as you cannot keep the core tight and body in a straight line your timer stops and challenge is complete.
  • Be honest with yourself!
  • Have Fun, Challenge yourself
  • FFUKW!


Better Everyday!


Your Fitness Superhero,



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