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Camp Fit Force is a functional fitness camp that is designed to challenge both your body and mind. We are different from your traditional “bootcamp” in that we do not belittle or yell at our participants, rather we cultivate an environment that is uplifting, supportive and positive. CFF tailors its workouts to accomodate all athletic and fitness levels. Our goal is for you just to get out of your comfort zone and to try your best. Change can be hard,
but with the right mind set, a supportive environment and skilled trainers, accomplishing your goals becomes a whole lot easier!


(Fit Force U Know WOOT!)

Classes Offered:

Duration: All Classes are 60 mins.

Mondays – KettleBells & Battleropes 

Description: Get a taste a our fusion combo Kettlebell and Battle Rope class! Time under tension where the member gets to work in the comfort of their own fitness capacity. Basic Kettlebell Swings, Sumo DL HighPulls, Bells Up Stability, Goblets Squats are movement that will be found in this class. Along with Two-Handed Rope Slams, Single Arm Slams and Battle Jacks are just to name a few others.


Tues/Thurs – O-Fit (Strength&Conditioning)


Work on lifts such as Back Squats, Deadlifts and Olympic Lifts to improve explosive power and strength. Followed with a conditioning workout to improve stamina & endurance.  


Wednesdays – BOSU & Suspension Training Straps


Another great fusion combo class that puts you in a complete unstable environment to allow for maximum motor/muscle recruitment for faster results and a leaner body. 


Fridays – *FightClub* MMA Inspired Conditioning

Description: Class is broken down into (8)-(12) 45 second stations with a 15 second rest/transition period. Ran with a constant clock that’ll get sweat dripping and heart racing like no other! Here is an example list:

1. Sledge Hammer Tire Smash

2. Lateral Hops

3. Row

4. Heavy Low Kick Bag

5. Heavy High Punch Bag 

6. Renegade Dumbell/Kettlebell Row

7. Airdyne

8. Battle Ropes


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  1. When does the new location open ? And do you have pricing ? I received a flyer a while back, does this give me anything?

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